Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The Night Before Christmas From a Homeschool Mom

Homeschooling has been a part of our life for sixteen years now, but we still get some stares or questions from those who are new to this concept. It has been a joy for us to watch our children learn and grow over the years. We get to see their "firsts" long after that infant stage of first smile, first word, first step, etc. The spiritual "firsts" are the most important, although we know the physical and mental "firsts" are also important and necessary, and we are amazed to see God working in each of our children's lives as we point them and teach them about Him!!!

I found this on a homeschooling mailing list and I thought I would share this in honor of my wife, as well as all the other homeschooling moms, whom God has called to do the greatest job in her life, to "train up a child in the way he should go..."

The Night Before Christmas

'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the home,
Children were still studying for their test on Rome.
Mom was planning, she had just an hour,
To teach 'one more lesson' before their night shower.

A whole week of vacation, the children were thrilled,
But Mom saw the lesson plans, and the blocks were still filled.
"Can I stop for a day, much less a whole week?"
Just the thought of time off, made me shudder and shriek!

Would they remember anything, would they fall behind?"
Lord, I need your help, just give me a sign!!!"
Then out on the sidewalk, I saw my four boys,
And I heard them say, "it's not about toys."
To the neighborhood kids, they explained Jesus' birth,
And how through Jesus, not toys, we gain our worth.

At that point, math and spelling and learning to write,
Meant little to me as I had lost the sight
Of what teaching at home was truly about.
Then I sat at my desk and began to pout.

The pouts turned to sobs, "Lord what have I done?
It's not about grades, but to follow your Son!"
"Please guide me and show me my job is to teach,
and turn them to you, and of Jesus I'll preach."

Now we'll put away books and not open them 'til later,
We'll focus on Jesus, our Lord and Creator.
It's His day and so we will all celebrate,
I'll never mention the words "behind" or "we're late".

So, Thank You, Lord, for blessing me,
With such a great husband and family.
Now homeschooling moms, TURN OUT THE SCHOOL LIGHT!
And, "Happy Christmas To All And To All A Good Night!"


Anonymous sis. julie said...

What a great poem Bro. Jim. It speaks the truth. We do tend to get all caught up on the acedemic realm of homeschooling and forget the real focus of homeschooling is to have our children at home where we can teach them about Jesus. They sure won't get that teaching in public school. And as in the case with a friend of mine's son's Christian school...they are taking less and less time to teach about the Lord. They even took the kindergarteners and lesser grades out of chapel so as not to be a distraction to the older ones. My friend's son sits still in church and knows how to behave in chapel and has even been praised for his behavior in chapel. Yet, now he can't even go to chapel even though his momma insisted that they let him go anyway. What is this world coming to when they pick and choose who can go sit in chapel. Thank you for this post and may all of us homeschool moms keep our focus on why we should really be schooling our children at home.

8:02 AM  

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