Saturday, November 12, 2005


We have been studying through the book of Nehemiah during our Wednesday evening service at church. In Chapter 9, just after the reading of Chapter 8 which tells about the people returning to reading, hearing, understanding, and observing the Word of God, we find the people in prayer to the Lord, again just after hearing the Word of God for the fourth part of a day (hmmmm..... in today's churches, the people come anticipating getting out, always looking at their watches, instead of getting in, worshipping and serving the Lord). After confession of sins and repentence, they began to "brag on God," and all His wonderful character and attributes. Here are just a few we find in the rest of the chapter.

  • vs. 5 His names
  • vs. 6 His creation
  • vs. 7 What He has done in the lives of people
  • vs. 8 His character
  • vs. 9 His love and compassion
  • vs. 10 His miracles
  • vs. 11 He will make a way / protection
  • vs. 12 He guides us
  • vs. 13 He still speaks to us / fellowship / His precious Word
  • vs. 15 His provision / His promises
  • vs. 19 He does not forsake us
  • vs. 20 The Holy Spirit
  • vs. 21 Sustenance
  • vs. 22 Our country
  • vs. 23 Our family
  • vs. 24 Our possessions / Victory over enemies
  • vs. 25 His goodness
  • vs. 27 His chastening / Leaders
  • vs. 28 He is the God of a second chance
  • vs. 30 His forebearance / Men of God
  • vs. 31 His mercy
  • vs. 32 He cares when we are in trouble

What about you? Is there something going on your life which the Lord has directed and provided just for you that you could take a few minutes in prayer to brag on Him? Or do you have no belief in God and His plan for man here on this earth, and simply go through each day bragging on your own wisdom, abilities, and accomplishments? One day, we will all meet God and give an account of our lives...... I, for one, will thank Him for paying my sin debt on the cross, and brag on Him for His goodness He provides for me and my family each and every day.


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