Friday, November 11, 2005

Commitment to Christianity Depends on How it is Measured

I receive updates from The Barna Group which surveys different subjects of interest, especially those related to the faith and practice of people in the United States. Check out their site and sign up to receive their periodic updates. Their webpage is found at

Interesting findings from their latest survey; it appears that most Americans like the security and the identity of the label "Christian" but resist the Biblical responsibilities that are associated with that identification. Being a "Christian" is more about image than action. For instance, almost 80% claim to be Christian, yet only 29% had attended church, prayed to God, and read from the Bible during the last week.

Friends, that is very sad!!! Contrast those statistics of today with that of the early Christians and early church found in Acts and other books of the New Testament. Has God changed, or have we allowed the World to influence our actions??? Today, we need a zealous hunger for God, an avid thirst after righteousness, and a pain-filled longing to be Christ-like and holy!!!

What about you??? How commited are you to Christ??? Can the world see Christ in your life??? Is a Christian testimony important to you??? Are you peculiar to the world, or do you fit right in with all their activities??? I don't need your answers..... you are not doing it for me. However, God yearns for you to talk to Him and draw closer to Him. His desire for your life is a life commited to Him and His Word.


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