Saturday, April 16, 2005

Holiness Quotation from J.C. Ryle

“No one ever said at the end of his days, I have read my Bible too much; I have prayed too much; I have been too careful with my soul”

“Holiness is the habit of being of one mind with God, according as we find His mind described in Scripture. It is the habit of agreeing in God’s judgment, hating what He hates, loving what He loves, and measuring everything in this world by the standard of His Word. He who most entirely agrees with God, that one is the most holy man.”
— J.C. Ryle
Holiness has been forgotten by many of today's Christians.... they have become much too wrapped up into the attractions of the world or being "busy for the Lord," having no time to read and study and meditate on God's Word, allowing Him to speak about the things that are holy to Him, and important for a Christian to radiate from his life to a lost and dying world around him. We are to stand out from the world around us.... however, most of the time, we blend right in.... with no difference at all in our daily activities or our conversation.
My desire today is to reflect the mind of God in my thoughts, words, and actions.... do you have that same desire, or is holiness a thing of the past?


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