Saturday, July 14, 2007

Thank God I Do Not Have.....

(Here is a humorous example of a preacher's use of alliteration in his message that was submitted several years ago on a mailing list which I kept in my notes; that must have been an interesting message to hear!!!)

  1. A MYTH for a Bible, but the inspired, perfect, inerrant Word of God!!!
  2. A MISER for a God, but a God who freely gives us all things to enjoy!!!
  3. A MUMMY for a savior, but a living resurrected Christ, the Saviour!!!
  4. A MODERNIST for a pastor, but a Spirit-filled preacher of the Gospel!!!
  5. A MORGUE for a church, but a place of preaching, praying, and praising the Lord!!!
  6. A MOUSE for a father, but a man of conviction and leadership!!!
  7. A MOUTH for a mother, but a woman of a meek and gentle spirit!!!



Blogger Jerry Bouey said...

Good points there! Don't know how it would preach, but it looks good to me.

4:55 PM  
Blogger Jim said...

Bro. Jerry,

I agree.... those would be some interesting sermon notes!!!

7:16 AM  

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