Friday, December 23, 2005

What I Owe My Pastor

RESPECT: I owe my pastor respectful attention as the ambassador of God.

AFFECTION: I owe my pastor affection, that he may be strengthened by the knowledge that the members of the church are with him in the bonds of holy life and unity.

TRUST: I owe my pastor trust that he may be free to serve the church unhampered by fault finding.

GENEROSITY: I owe my pastor generosity, that if his Bible methods seem a little strange to me, I may not be silly enough to insist that he shall change them.

PRAYER: I owe it to my pastor to pray for him each day, that God may bless him and make his service a blessing.

PROTECTION: I owe to my pastor the protection of kindly silence by refraining from repeating the slander or unkind gossip that would burden him and prevent him from doing his best work.

TIME: I owe my pastor enough time to help in his work, when and where he needs me.

ENCOURAGEMENT: I owe my pastor encouragement when vexations and annoyances make his work difficult, or when he feels discouraged.

APPRECIATION: I owe my pastor a kindly word of appreciation when his ministry is especially helpful to me.

CONSIDERATION: I owe it to my pastor not to interrupt and hinder his work with petty and unnecessary calls upon his time and sympathy.

ATTENTION: I owe my pastor the courtesy of attention when I go to church that he may not be annoyed by my careless actions.

Copied from the October, 2005 edition of the MaranathaBaptist Watchman, Maranatha Baptist Church, Elkton, MD


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