Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Understanding the Will of God

The list below was compiled by a missionary in Panama, Bro. Jim Childress.... I thought it might be a blessing to those who are seeking the will of God in some matter this very day; or if not today, then sometime soon in the future!!!


Steps to Knowing and Conforming to the Will of God

1. Reject sin
2. Have a desire to know God's will.
3. Have a desire to continue the learning process.
4. Be willing to wait on the Lord.
5. Trust completely ... Prov. 3
6. Be yoked with Christ. Matt 11:29
7. Study and memorize Scripture.
8. Analyze surrounding situations and conditions.
9. Form a support group of counselors.
10. Do a written study of the situation, solution and alternatives.
11. Establish a prayer support group
12. Pay attention to the still small voice of the Holy Spirit when He speaks.
13. Practice self disciple with regards to I John 2:15-17
14. Seek the gift of discernment
15. Reject human secularism when dealing with spiritual values.
16. Pray for wisdom.
17. Respond in love that rejects fear. 1 John 4:18
18. Resist making excuses or disqualifying oneself as unqualified.
19. Share the Gospel while seeking answers.
20. Beware of falling into a passive mode.
21. Establish goals that honor God.
22. Increase faith ... no faith .. general faith ... little faith ... some faith ... great faith ... so great faith ... eternal faith.


Anonymous kristina said...

Good Post Bro. Jim.
Thank you for posting that, I have been searching alot about the will of God in my life here lately!! Thanks so much for posting that!


4:40 PM  

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