Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Our Household Will Be Getting Even Busier!!!

I know that I have a few faithful blog readers who may be wondering where I have been, and I apologize for my limited posts during the last few days, and really the last several weeks. I rarely share personal family activities here, but I thought in this case, I would share a bit of news!!! My mind and prayers for the past several weeks has been on my daughter and her continued on-going courtship with a fine young man from GA. A father will always think of his daughter that he is the only man in their life, and she as his "little girl," however, the greatest responsibility (other than leading her to the Lord and teaching her about God and His Word) a father has with his daughter is to make sure he prepares her for her future husband, and to make sure that man also loves God with all his heart and has a desire to serve Him with his life. By God's hand and perfect will, an outstanding young man, Christopher, was brought into my daughter's life during the past year, and after nine months of courtship, their engagement was announced this past weekend. Now, I only have a short time left to offer my experience and counsel to help prepare them for their future marriage, and I am quite sure, a period of much reflection of Courtney's memories which we have shared together as father/daughter personally and within our happy family. However, I can assure you I won't spend too much time looking backward; what is past can not be changed; instead, I plan to focus upon their future blessings together as husband and wife as they both continue to serve the Lord in the path that He has set for them together. Two serving together in the Lord's work can accomplish much more than either of them alone. I pray that she will be the "help meet" her mother and I have been training her to be for all these years.

You can read about the engagement and view some pictures of the happy couple on my daughter's blogsite found at http://courtneyscontemplations.blogspot.com

Congratulations Christopher and Courtney!!!!!

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OpenID maranatha777 said...

I did not realize that Courtney was your daughter! I have been following her blog for a little while. What a precious daughter and soon to be son-in-law you have!

It is a blessing to see the Lord at work in our children's lives, isn't it?

God bless!!


1:25 PM  
Blogger Jim said...

Sis. Kate,

Thank you for the kind words about my daughter and future son-in-law. God has blessed me with six wonderful children, with Courtney the oldest, and I thank Him everyday for His goodness upon my family!!!!!

4:45 PM  
Blogger Tammy C said...

As your house gets busier and there will be more mail.I sent Courtney a package that will come from Brides and Belles.Inside will be a pair of lime green slippers wit the intials CC-for Courtney and Christopher.I have not ever met you but have been following her blog for almost the entire time and have been impressed with her maturity.Also found the courtship and engagment story a nice encouragment-waiting on God for the future husband.

God Bless

Tammy Cancilla

6:06 PM  
Blogger Jim said...

Sis. Tammy,

I appreciate your kind words about my daughter.... she is very special and I appreciate her testimony and love for the Lord!!! I know that she will be excited about the special gift you have sent her. Thank you very much for your thoughtfulness and gift of friendship!!!!!

7:55 PM  

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