Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Big Three

What is it that keeps most people from coming to Christ? That question probably has a three-fold answer:

1. Pride
2. Love for sin
3. A lack of knowledge

The Bible tells us, "The wicked, through the pride of his countenance, will not seek after God: God is not in all his thoughts” (Psalm 10:4). Sin and pride are intertwined. We puff our rebellious chest against the heavens and say, “Who is God to tell me what to do?” There’s no fear of God before our eyes. The reason we don’t fear Him is because we lack knowledge. We cling to our image of God like a child clings to his security blanket, and if you have ever tried to separate a child from his blanket, you will know what a hard job that is. But that’s what me must do (with the help of God)--separate the sinner from his idol. And the way to do that is to preach the Commandments, as Jesus did. The moral Law makes the issue clear--God is holy, and He will not tolerate sin in any form, nor will He tolerate any other gods before Him. That’s right--God is politically incorrect. He is uncompromisingly intolerant. Hell with prove that. The light of the Law not only exposes idolatry, but it humbles the sinner, and gives him the knowledge that without the grace of God, he will perish. So never despise God’s Law, and never neglect it when heralding the glorious cross.

From "Comfort Food" By Ray Comfort

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Blogger sattvicwarrior said...

the BIG 3??
c’mon such nonsense. ..
many people can use PRIDE as a sense of balance and it motivates them to a more clear space, if indeed these people are humble and are true seekers of truth
thats totally arrogant for sure.
no one really LOVES sin but ones own ignorance causes one to repeat actions till they are analyzed as best as one can to continue on a sense of [ hopefully] spiritual refinement. and correct those actions.. so COMPASSION for those not so fortunate for clairty of thought would be in order rather than a SWEEPING GENERALIZATION like " love for sin".
Finding the true meaning of what christ taught is a PERSONAL path and not everyone is the same. So to lump all consciousness [ which those 3 silly words "LOVE FOR SIN} is not only arrogant but reeks of FALSE PRIDE as if that statement is absolute by whatever self serving pontificating yo-yo thinks is truth.
NOW that works.;
and is totally right on .
but knowledge is ones own PERSONAL experience, and it leads one to a higher path. [ in the context of your article we are dealing with spirituality] Christ was only ONE example of spiritual purity, there have been many others. and they have also achieved a very high spiritual state. which have inspired others to one ness with god/.
. Christ is only a PART of the EQUATION .. so to assume its the ABSOLUTE is embarrassing and a bit short sighted. . YET..
if thats what YOU believe then GO DUDE!.
its NOT everyone's position . and to assume it SHOULD be is FALSE PRIDE and ARROGENCE of the highest order.
the bible tells us a LOT of things , and even justifies murder rape and killing. so to use it as a SOURCE of knowledge it falls woefully short of its goal .
but to concentrate on the essence of what CHRIST was all about is a personal experience and cannot under any circumstances be TOLD to others HOW they should find that identity by giving them 3 “REASONS”.
[ I think where ever you got that from you should inform the author he should” clean his own house first”.]
but then again
a great writer of the 20 the century once said
if you cant LEARN it . TEACH IT..
nothing like passing on more ignorant statement to those already in a state of ignorance
KNOWLEDGE is power. ..
intellectualization of said state is only a REFLECTION of power
POWER [ from within ]. is GOD..
REFLECTIONS [ intellectualizations] are of man .
go with GOD
tell the author to burn his “ theories” and discover THAT WHICH IS.
god consciousness inside of his self. . the" BIG THREE??? hahahahaha...... thats not only ebarassing, its pathetic. ..\

7:31 PM  
Blogger Jim said...


Thanks for taking the time to type a long response to my post... I knew it took much time and effort and it was expressed in a kind manner.

I appreciate you coming back to my blog time after time to read some of the articles which I have posted.

There is much I disagree with in your comments, but you are welcome to express your viewpoint...

Could you answer two questions for me??? What do you think about the Bible, God's written word to mankind??? Do you have a source of final authority which you pattern your life after???

Thanks again for visiting....

9:31 PM  
Blogger Jerry Bouey said...

I have a heard time reading the ungodly junk and opinions sattvicwarrior posts - but at least he still comes here and reads these sound articles and posts based on the Word of God. Maybe the Holy Spirit will still use something here to break through to his lost, darkened mind.

Brother Jim,
I am glad he posts on your blog, because I know I wouldn't have the patience to deal with comments like that. God bless.

12:46 PM  
Blogger Jim said...

Bro. Jerry,

Let's both pray that sattvicwarrior has a very Merry Christmas!!!!!

Merry Christmas to you too Jerry!!!

6:23 PM  
Blogger sattvicwarrior said...

YOU SAY!!!!!!!!
Could you answer two questions for me???
I say. ..
have you ever noticed something in conversation ? FOOLISH men always speak , but the wise always remain silent. .
so what you may think that I say “ IS” may very well be “NOT” and that which you may think is “NOT” actually “IS
. , [ sorry an aphorism is the only way I can lay it out with caution as you asked a loaded question.

What do you think about the Bible, God's written word to mankind???
dude . com that's ANOTHER LOADED question . you have it in TWO sections. what I I THINK about the bible??
well l depends what you say the “ bible “ is.
there is !!!!!!!!!
The New American Standard Version
The American Standard Version
The Basic English Version
The Darby Version
The Douay-Rheims Version
The King James Version
Webster's Version
The World English Version
The Weymouth Version
The Young's Literal Version
The Catholic Version
The Book of Mormon Version
there are 12 versions of it!!!!!!!!!!it seems every one I talk to about it says THIERS is the word do of god and all other s are false. . huh?
Which one are you referring to. ???
I ve read pretty much all of them in great detail . so before I answer which ONE of them is the WRITTEN WORD to mankind that you refer to ?..
and you chose one of the above, why is YOURS better than others?..
so it would difficult to comment because of the generalization that the “ bible” is one tome.
Example here. the book of Corinthians is /are ACTUAL quotes from the KORAN.
[ yup its true].
its what MAKES up the book of Corinthians.
yet MUSLIMS say we are the infidel and our god is FALSE.
. even tho Christians share the same god.
how can this be??
\ is GOD speaking from “ both sides of his mouth???
. why didn’t he offer 72 virgins and all those watermelons in an after life to Christians when they KILL MURDER AND MAIME in HIS name??
do they [ Christians who follow the bible] think that floating around in n after life on clouds playing a harp and being with ones very boring relatives who they didnt get along in THIS life is better that virgins and watermelons?

Is the identical god that Muslims worship [ which is the same as the god of the Christian bible] so heinous that he causes his own creation to kill one another because its in their bible [Koran] “ written” word?
this is a puzzlement to me.
SO I cannot really give you a definitive answer for sure.

but definitive is perhaps what you are wanting to see or read..

I dont know.
For one to expect a finality in a book and attribute it to the “absolute” is ludicrous considering for over 125 years AFTER Christ’s death there were 3 sects of Christianity,.
when did the account of Christ come into the bible and which “ written” version of it is supposedly
for example ..
The king James version of the new testament was based upon a Greek text that as marred by mistakes, containing the accumulated errors of 14 centuries dude!!!!
[ FOURTEEN CENTURIES!!!!!!!] of manuscript copying.
The total accumulation of the Greek text was done in 1589.

The first original translation from the Hebrew and Greek was printed by a William Tyndale. He was ordered to be BURNED at the Stake. For untrue translation. Gee now there s LOVING GOD for divine inspiration. He was publicly executed in 1536/ , AND this [ providing your referring to the KING JAMES VERSION . [ nothing like believing in a man who NEVER took a bath had rotten teeth as an emissary of omnipotence without duality] as king James did since his version [ king jimmy ] was all about creating a variation in said text to ALLOW him to BEND THE RULES. to sespereate from the POWERS of ROME….. but that's not what you asked is it??
SORRY go carried away with FACT!!!!!!!. and NOT absorbed in FICTION .

Do you have a source of final authority which you pattern your life after???
YES jim I do.

also . JERRY!!!!!!! sweeitie. GET a LIFE and STOP with the NEUROTIC DEFENSE... jim asked me an honest question, i feel he is being genuine, Im trying to responmd in an honest way. NOT a CHRISTIAN. [ that invloves something other than TRUTH . and im trying to reply. . if your SO insecure please keep your comments to yourself this is tween JIM and me.
NOW JERRY do you feel better JERRY now that you tried to FAULT FIND someone who is tryng to respond to an honest question from JIM ??
if this is so jerry. the i say.

and JIM i responded in what i feel was true., . if you baited me and know people like jerry. then you are TRULY a charlatan and you used me , this is WHAT CHRISTIANS DO !!!!!. please claify that you are NOT like his hateful comment ..

6:37 PM  
Blogger sattvicwarrior said...

dear Jim
i DO hope you were honest with your questions to me..
I gave them serious thought . and wanted to respond in what I feel is a comfortable ground to share a thought .
i totally respect your space and answered in what i feel truth to perhaps show you a perspective.
I wasnt trying to CONVINCE you of anything . just give you a perspective. i felt you were being genuine in your questions .
it truly saddened me to see your buddy" jerry" comment with such vitriol. . and YOU sided with him,,..
are you that INSECURE also?
this is a VERY sad moment for me. . I THOUGHT you were being genuine
\ the its TRUE what people say.
if CHRIST came back to day
the LAST thing he would be is a Christian
I gave MUCH thought to what I thought was an honest question on your part and this is how a response is treated.
I'm such a fool..
I should have know better..
did you lead me on?
please advise!!!!

6:58 PM  
Blogger Jim said...


I'm sorry for the late response... I just returned from church.

Thanks again for taking the time to respond to my questions, although I am sorry to see you going off on a tangent based upon another comment from a fellow blogger. I hope that you don't get upset if another "questions" your comments??? Do you want me to censor their comments, such as you have mentioned before simply because I have the blog set up on comment moderation???

Let's both wish Bro. Jerry a Merry Christmas also if you feel that very statement will even the score...... that is all that I commented.... I was sincere with my thankfulness for your continued interest in my blog and taking the time and effort to post such a long response. Bro. Jerry is a friend from the blogsphere, and is very knowledgable about God's Word. He is a friend; and I truly wanted him to pray and wish you a very Merry Christmas; a celebration of the birth of Christ.
Nothing more, nothing less...

Now, again, I am amazed at your wealth of information contained in your answers, although there is much within in that I would agree. First off, if you haven't already guessed it from reading other posts within my blogsite, I believe God only wrote one Bible, and for the English speaking people of this world, I believe it is the King James Bible. I belive it is the inerrant, infallible, preserved Word of God. It is my final authority as a believer of God and His Son Jesus Christ. I have the Holy Spirit of God living within me as a believer of Christ. My belief and philosophy is based upon the Bible, and I try my best each day to pattern my words and actions based upon its teachings. I am far from perfect, and make many mistakes each day.... but I am still growing. God is not finished with me yet. I asked you that same question to see if we had any common ground to begin a logical conversation... it was not a trick question.

You mentioned many versions of the Bible, which shows me you have a good working knowledge of religion; but remember, religion is man-made. We are to follow God, not man. Common sense tells us that Satan, the author of confusion, and an angel of light, who tries to counterfiet everything that God has done, is the one behind the various religious faiths and bibles found in the world today. From Satan's first mention in scripture in Gen. 3, he begins to question what God has said, twisting God's very words in his conversation with Eve; Did God really say that??? What God really meant was....??? Plain common sense shows us that; but as you can tell with what is going on in the world today, Satan has deceived many.... God has told us the believers walk a narrow path, while the road to destruction is broad. The seed of God's Word only grew on one ground, failing on three others. There are many who profess Christ or God today; however very few actually possess Christ. There is a Heaven, and there is a Hell, although man tries to persuade that both are false places. All this comes from a simple study of the Word of God, but yet people in today's world claim that they know what the Bible says, but in reality, they have very little knowledge, but base their comments on what they have heard from others, and of course, those others, know very little also; just enough to make them sound as if a scholar.

If you desire to have a common, logical discussion, I would be happy to discuss things with you, although I believe an exchange of email works better than blog comments going back and forth. General comments are welcome on the blog, but a detailed discussion of various issues would be better suited via email.

If that is what you prefer, simply send me your address via a comment... I will not post it for others to see. If not, I will understand....

Again, you are welcome anytime to visit my blog.... I'm going out of town to spend time with my family within the next few days, so if I fail to communicate in a timely manner, you will understand that I am away from the computer.

Merry Christmas!!!

10:41 PM  

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