Sunday, December 17, 2006

Ho! Ho! Ho!

(Pastor Mike Walls of Smithfield, NC posted this poem on a mailing list last night which some of my blog readers may enjoy....)

The devil has a demon,
His name is Santa Claus.
He's a dirty old demon
Because of last year's flaws.
He promised Jack a yo-yo,
And Jill a diamond ring.
They woke up Christmas morning
Without a single thing.

He tells the children white lies,
White lies as black as hell;
While pious parents stand by
And listen to his tale.
God says to train our children
In the WAY that they should go,
And not the way of idols
That Cry Ho! Ho! Ho!

It's either a gobble-gobble,
Or a Wine-O-Saints Nick;
Or a trip down the bunny trail
Or a witch flying on a stick.
They're all the devil's disciples,
Putting on their seasonal show
To take the glory from God's Son
With their silly Ho! Ho! Ho!

In "God We trust" is our motto.
"Oh Worship the King" was our song.
Brave men that once stood for something,
Are no longer right, but wrong.
The rebels are running our Country.
Our leaders are cursed with a woe,
Because they have turned from the true God,
To dumb idols that cry Ho! Ho! Ho!

One day they'll stand before God
Without their bags of tricks,
Without their red nose reindeers,
Or their phony Old Saint Nicks:
For Revelation twenty-one,
Verse eight, tells where they'll go;
Condemned to an everlasting Hell,
Where there'll be no Ho! Ho! Ho!


Anonymous Nicholas Cardot said...

That's a good poem. I like it.

9:26 AM  
Anonymous Sis. Julie said...

This is really good!!!

10:01 PM  
Blogger Jim said...

Bro. Nicholas and Sis. Julie,

I too thought it was too good to pass up.....

9:38 PM  

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