Saturday, December 09, 2006

My Sole Consolation

They tell me my Bible's outdated, that its teachings are no longer true;
God's just an etherel spirit who cares nothing for me or for you.
They tell me that all men are brothers, and they laugh of the need of rebirth,
They talk of a coming new kingdom that's evolving right here on the earth.
They scoff at the Birth of my Saviour; He was only a man, so they say;
His life was the perfect example, where we follow as He leads the way.
They altered each creed in my Bible, each doctrine they've ripped to a shred;
They say I've not need for Salvation, and that Christ did not rise from the dead.
I listen, but all they tell me makes me cling to my Bible the more:
For nowhere but in its sacred pages is the comfort I've sought o'er and o'er.
No, this book is my sole consolation; I believe it is holy and true;
I'll cling to its teachings forever, for I've faith in its Author - don't you?

Copied from the Keystone Baptist


Anonymous Sis. Julie said...

Amen!! I have faith in The Author!!!

1:13 PM  
Blogger Jim said...

Sis. Julie,

We both have faith in our Bible, but sadly many "Christians" today cannot accept their bible by simple faith... the bible they hold in their hand has errors.... they hold to the Devil's lie that only the ORIGINALS are inerrant and infallible. Where is their child-like faith???

8:40 PM  

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