Saturday, May 31, 2008

Things We Know From Scripture

It does a Christian good to note the many things in God's Word we can know; things we can count on, things that do not change. Listed below is a short list of such truths that we can know:
  1. We can know that Jesus Christ is God; John 10:30 I and my Father are one.
  2. We can know that we are saved; John 6:47 Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me hath everlasting life.
  3. We can know we are His dear children; 1 John 3:2 Beloved, now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when he shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is.
  4. We can know His protection; John 10:28 And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand.
  5. We can know He answers prayer; John 14:14 If ye shall ask any thing in my name, I will do it.
  6. We can know He will help us through temptation; Heb. 2:18 For in that he himself hath suffered being tempted, he is able to succour them that are tempted.
  7. We can know how we should act; John 13:15 For I have given you an example, that ye should do as I have done to you.
  8. We can know He desires us to speak on His behalf; 1 Peter 3:15 But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear:
  9. We can know that He will come again; John 14:3 And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.
  10. We can know of our eternal rewards; 1 Peter 1:4 To an inheritance incorruptible, and undefiled, and that fadeth not away, reserved in heaven for you.

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Friday, May 30, 2008


Matthew 4:4 But he answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.

The word fundamentalist is used in a variety of ways today. A modern dictionary defines fundamentalism as “emphasizing the literally interpreted Bible as fundamental to Christian life and teaching,” or “a movement or attitude stressing strict and literal adherence to a set of basic principles.” Generally speaking, a fundamentalist Christian seeks to live by the precepts and principles of the Word of God. This is what God wants. He wants us to live by the commands and promises of Scripture. In this Scripture, Jesus quotes from Deuteronomy 8:3 saying, “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.” We are to live by the Bible. We are to make decisions based on the teachings of the Word of God. We are to guide our homes according to the Word of God. We are to govern our finances according to the teachings of the Bible. We are to maintain priorities that reflect the wisdom found in the Scriptures. Our relationships, hobbies, and values should be influenced by the words of Scripture. A fundamentalist Christian is a Bible Christian. In our text, Jesus was being tempted of the devil to turn rocks into bread. Satan will always be tempting us to act in ways that are contrary to the Word of God. False and compromising religions have been deceived in this temptation. When doctrines and traditions are held that are not in agreement with the Word of God, this is not pleasing to the Lord. We often hear of churches redesigning their ministries to be more acceptable in our culture, when in fact, some of the changes are clearly forbidden in the Bible. When methods and programs are introduced that conflict with the teaching of the Bible, churches are getting away from the biblical model. Being innovative and progressive may not necessarily be wrong, as long as, these changes do not violate the plan that God has given us in His Word. In our text, Jesus told the devil that God distinctly intended for us to be governed by “every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.” We need to read and study the Bible, and be willing to accept the truth of Scripture as the final authority for our lives.

A devotional thought by Pastor Smith of Mt. Zion Baptist Church

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Poor Excuses for Missing Church

Ephesians 6:11 Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.

Daily the Christian must prepare himself to ward off the wiles, or tricks, the devil has for us. His stratagem is to do all he can to keep us from obeying God. One of the areas he prompts us to be disobedient in is in attending church. We cannot blame all of our disobedience on him. Our own pride, laziness, and sinful nature also keep us out of the house of God. Some of the popular excuses in keeping many out of church are:
  1. Church “hopping”: Church attendance is a must for Christian growth. God has raised up a pastor of a local church to minister to your needs. When you miss church, you miss what God had for you that day. When you are a member of a church and go to this church today and another one next week, your “hopping” around keeps you from attending the church God has for you.
  2. Discontentment: If God originally pointed you to that church to join and attend, you need to stay there until He tells you to move! “I’m not happy with the preacher,” or “That church is too cold” are not excuses not to attend. The main question should be, “Does God want me to attend there?”
  3. Hurt feelings: All churches are made up of humans. All humans are sinners; therefore there is no perfect church! People will accidently, or purposely say the wrong things at times. Everyone gets their feelings hurt sometimes. I am sure you have hurt others feelings. Again, the question should be, “Did God call me here?” If He did, hurt feelings are not a legitimate reason to leave a church.
  4. Sin: When people are purposely sinning against God, they most often do not want to be reminded of it. Where will they be reminded of it? In church. However, in order to get one’s freedom back from the control of sin, one should be hearing the Word of God, not avoiding it.
  5. Conviction: When the Holy Spirit of God speaks to them about their sin, instead of obeying that small voice, they avoid it by keeping out of church. Sometimes they even join another church, where watered-down preaching does not remind them of what God has already spoken to them about.
  6. Lack of understanding of the things of God: Since they do not read their Bible and do not know what it teaches, when they hear hard, convicting preaching from the Bible they stay far away from strong doctrine. Ignorance of the Word of God keeps many from attending a strong, Bible-believing church.
  7. Legitimate reasons, such as sickness, vacations, or work: Sometimes good excuses keep people from attending church for a week or so. That is understandable and happens. However, because they miss, it is easier to miss twice; then three times; then it is not long until they look back and realize they have not been in church for months. Breaking a routine of consistent church attendance is a subtle way of missing church.
  8. Pride: “No one shook my hand”. “They are such an unfriendly church;” or “No one is going to tell me what to do.” These thoughts and others reflect that the sin of pride is involved. The sin of pride keeps many out of church.

Hebrews 10:25 Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.

“To some people religious freedom means the choice of churches, which they may stay away from.” — York Trade Compositor

An article by Bill Brinkworth published in The Bible View, Volume 151

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Church Members

(Here is a humorous post I received from another mailing list; although meant for a smile, keep in mind, that we need to pray, exhort, love, and help our fellow church members. Each member often carries a burden which they fail to share with others for support; each member is human and will make mistakes; each member is at different stages in their Christian walk with the Lord and should be exhorted and praised; and each member needs someone to love them just as they are like Jesus does!!!!!)

Some church members are like wheelbarrows -- not good unless pushed.

Some are like canoes -- need to be paddled.

Some are like kites -- if a string isn't kept on them, they fly away.

Some are like kittens -- more contented when petted.

Some are like balloons -- full of wind and ready to blow up.

Some are like footballs -- you can't tell which way they'll bounce next.

Some are like trailers -- they have to be pulled.

Some are like neon lights -- they keep going on and off.

Many, thank goodness, are like the North Star -- there when you need them, dependable and ever loyal.

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Monday, May 26, 2008


Haggai 1:9 Ye looked for much, and, lo, it came to little; and when ye brought it home, I did blow upon it. Why? saith the LORD of hosts. Because of mine house that is waste, and ye run every man unto his own house.

After God’s people returned from their captivity in Babylon, Haggai greatly influenced the progress of rebuilding the temple. The book of Haggai records some of Haggai’s message to the people. In our text, God is using this inspired prophet to point out the fact of and the consequences for their wrong priorities. Their sin was NEGLECTING GOD’S HOUSE. The words were direct, “Because of mine house that is waste, and ye run every man unto his own house.” The people were content to attend to their private homes and responsibilities while leaving God’s house unattended. Secondly, they were suffering God’s chastisement because of it. “Ye looked for much, and, lo, it came to little; and when ye brought it home, I did blow upon it.” God was not blessing their personal lives or their work because they were NEGLECTING GOD’S HOUSE. We could name more than a few ancient landmarks that have been moved in recent generations. One of those is the importance of God’s house, the local church. NEGLECTING GOD’S HOUSE is as common in our day as it was in the days of Haggai. This neglect can be found in numerous forms. Some neglect the doctrinal significance of the local New Testament church. Confused by false teaching and tradition, they do not embrace the New Testament ekklesia, the assembly of a called out membership, which the Bible calls, “the house of God” (I Timothy 3:15). Others neglect the practical importance of God’s house by attendance that is inconsistent. When social, vocational, and family functions take priority over God’s assembly, there is NEGLECTING of GOD’S HOUSE. In Haggai’s day, God wanted His house to be a priority. Nothing is said in Haggai’s message to indicate that God wanted the people to neglect their family duties or their community obligations. These things are important, but not to the neglect of God’s business. Many are NEGLECTING GOD’S HOUSE by their lack of financial support or their failure to contribute brotherly love and service to the Lord’s house and work. Haggai’s message is still needed today.

A devotional thought by Pastor Smith of Mt. Zion Baptist Church

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

I Am A Soldier

(Please pardon my absence for the past several weeks, but job duties plus a brief family vacation has kept me busy and away from the computer. If you are interested in some pictures of my family's vacation, please check out the link to my daughter's blog, Courtney's Contemplations, which is found on the side panel of my blog page.)

"I Am A Soldier" by Cindye Coats, May 27, 2005

I am a soldier in the army of my God.
The Lord Jesus Christ is my Commanding Officer.
The Holy Bible is my code of conduct.
Faith, Prayer, and the Word are my weapons of Warfare.

I have been taught by the Holy Spirit,
...trained by experience,
....tried by adversity,
....and tested by fire.

I am a volunteer in this army, and I am enlisted for eternity.
I will either retire in this Army or die in this Army;
But, I will not get out,
...sell out talked out
....or pushed out.
I am faithful, reliable, capable, and dependable.
If my God needs, me, I am there.

I am a soldier.
I am not a baby.
I do not need to be pampered,
....primed up,
....pumped up,
....picked up,
....or pepped up.

I am a soldier.
No one has to call me,
...remind me,
....write me,
....visit me,
....entice me,
....or lure me.

I am a soldier.
I am not a wimp.
I am in place,
...saluting my King,
....obeying His orders,
....praising His name,
....and building His Kingdom!

No one has to send me flowers,
gifts, food, cards, candy,
or give me handouts.

I do not need to be cuddled,
cradled, cared for, or catered to.

I am committed.
I cannot have my feelings hurt bad enough to turn me around.
I cannot be discouraged enough to turn me aside.
I cannot lose enough to cause me to quit.

When Jesus called me into this Army, I had nothing.
If I end up with nothing, I will still come out even.
I will win.

My God will supply all my needs.
I am more than a conqueror.
I will always triumph.
I can do all things through Christ.

Devils cannot defeat me.
People cannot disillusion me.
Weather cannot weary me.
Sickness cannot stop me.
Battles cannot beat me.
Money cannot buy me.
Governments cannot silence me,
and Hell cannot handle me!

I am a soldier.
Even death cannot destroy me.
For when my Commander calls me from this battlefield,
He will promote me to a captain.

I am a soldier, in the Army,
I'm marching, claiming victory.
I will not give up.
I will not turn around.
I am a soldier, marching, Heaven bound.
Here I stand!
Will you stand with me?

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Error being exposed, truth can glisten like a beautiful diamond on the backdrop of black velvet. In order for one to be truly saved, one must first:
  1. Recognize the fact that he needs to be saved. Or realize that he is a sinner and totally unable to save himself. Let’s face a cold, hard fact. We all have sinned. We all have done something wrong in our lifetime. Everyone born into this world since Adam, with the exception of Jesus Christ, has transgressed the Word of God. The Bible states in Ecclesiastes 7:20: "There is not a just man upon earth that doeth good and sinneth not." And the Bible also says in Romans 3:23:"For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God."
  2. Second, one must realize the fact that there is a horrible punishment for those not saved. That penalty, that punishment, is a place called Hell. Hell is as real as the house you live in, the clothes you wear, the water you drink. Now, whether you believe that there is a Hell or not, it really doesn’t matter because your unbelief will not change the fact that there is a Hell. For the Bible says, "Let God be true and every man a liar." If you would investigate the Holy Scriptures, you would find a myriad of verses regarding that awful place. For example, King David said in Psalm 9:17: "The wicked shall be turned into hell and all nations that forget God." Jesus Christ said in Matthew 5:22b: "...Whosoever shall say thou fool shall be in danger of hell fire." He also stated in Matthew 25:41: "Then shall he say unto them on the left hand, depart from me ye cursed into everlasting fire prepared for the devil and his angels." So, friend of mine, there is a very severe punishment for the unsaved and their sins. And that is a place called HELL.
  3. The third thing that we must recognize is that God loves us very, very much. God is "not willing that any should perish" (II Peter 3:9). God loves us so much that He gave His only Son. As the Bible states: "...God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life" (John 3:16). So if it is our desire to bypass that awful place called Hell (and it should be), we need to realize that God loves us more than we love ourselves. And He has made a way for us to escape. And that is by simply believing in the person and accomplished work of Jesus Christ, plus nothing, minus nothing. Now the way for us to apply this to our own lives is to be willing to repent (that is to change our minds about sin), and do as Romans 10: 9-13 says: to simply believe with your heart that Jesus Christ died, was buried and rose again for your sins, and then call upon the Lord in prayer and ask Him to save your soul. And believe me, He will. Romans 10: 9-13: "That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised Him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved."

(This is the second and final part of the article written by Daniel Whyte III. The first part was posted on May 13, 2008. My prayer is that by reading the two posts, one will now have a good understanding of what it means to "Be Saved" and how one can "Be Saved." Don't allow pride and human reasoning keep you from acting upon the truth of God's Word which was clearly shared in this article.)

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Even though I was raised in this religious environment, I was still rather doubtful about this thing called "Being Saved." I just could not buy what people said "Being Saved" was. I always had questions in my mind about this matter such as: Saved from what? Saved to what? Was a person saved to live a sinless life? Could a person ever lose this "savedness"? If so, how and at what point? It wasn’t until I was a grown man and in the Air Force that these questions, along with a host of others were answered. I finally found out what it really meant to be saved according to the Holy Scriptures. Allow me to share with you what "Being Saved" really means. But first, let me share with you what it does not mean...


I am a firm believer that before a person can fully grasp and appreciate truth, error must be exposed for what it is: error. Here are some things many believe "Being Saved" is, but is not:
  1. Having your name on a church roll does not mean that you are saved. A person may be a good standing and long standing member of a very fine church. He may attend that church faithfully. But if he hasn’t been saved, he will go to Hell with the vilest of sinners. For the Bible states in Ephesians 2:8-9: "For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: not of works, lest any man should boast."
  2. Being baptized will not save you. There are many baptized people in Hell. I was baptized at the age of twelve, but I didn’t get saved until I was nineteen. Baptism is a very important aspect of the Christian’s life, but one should only get baptized after one has been saved. This is to testify to others that you are identifying with Jesus Christ and His death, burial and resurrection. The penitent thief on the cross was saved, but he never got baptized before he died. The Apostle Paul told some Corinthian believers this in I Corinthians 1:17: "For Christ sent me not to baptize, but to preach the gospel. Not with wisdom of words, lest the cross of Christ should be made of none effect." Brother Paul would not have made that statement if baptism was necessary for "Being Saved."
  3. Being able to speak in an unknown tongue does not prove that one is saved. Speaking in tongues is not evidence of being saved. In I Corinthians chapter 12, Paul asked some rhetorical questions regarding the gifts of the Spirit that demanded some very obvious answers: "Are all apostles? Are all prophets? Are all teachers? Are all workers of miracles? Have all the gifts of healing? Do all speak with tongues? Do all interpret?" The obvious answer to these questions is an emphatic NO! If everyone does not have the gift of tongues, it stands to reason that tongues are not necessary to be saved.
  4. Trying to keep the law, much religious activity, and keeping the Golden Rule will not save you. One can’t keep the law because all have broken the law at some point in their lives. For the Bible states in Romans 3:23: "For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God." One may be a preacher, a deacon, an usher and still not be saved. One could shout, dance, sing in the choir, work on every auxiliary in the church and still die and go to Hell. Why? Because religious activity, no matter how much, no matter how sincere, does not save a soul. For the Bible says in Titus 3:5: "Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to his mercy he saved us, by the washing of regeneration, and renewing of the Holy Ghost."
  5. Seeing a vision or feeling a change at some time in your life is not a basis for "Being Saved". True salvation is not based on sight or emotions, but rather on the eternal, infallible Word of God: the Bible. Now the Holy Scriptures state in the book of II Corinthians and Hebrews respectively that "We walk by faith and not by sight…" and "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."
  6. To be born into a religious family does not assure that you are saved. Just because your grandparents and parents are saved or religious does not mean that you are automatically saved yourself. It is a fearful truth that every man will have to stand before the Judge of the universe for himself. Psalm 49:7 states: "None of them can by any means redeem his brother, nor give to God a ransom for him…"

In short, none of the above are ways of "Being Saved." There is only one way of being saved. Allow me to share it with you now.

(Hmmmm...... have I gotten your attention??? I will post part 2 of this fine article written by Daniel Whyte III tomorrow, Lord willing.)

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Monday, May 12, 2008

China Earthquake; A Sign of the Endtimes???

(Here is an article posted by Ray Comfort on his Comfort Food blog published 5/12/08 which I am sure will bring a smile to the scoffers of today; I too have a smile on my face as I think of that coming day when Jesus will come for the Church!!! Let's pray for the Chinese people affected by this earthquake, and even more, that the truth of the Gospel can be given to the entire nation someway and somehow; bypassing the censorship of their authoratative god-less government!!!)

Don’t let doomsday prophets fool you. Just because there’s been another big earthquake, it doesn’t signal the end of the world. It does, however, bring us closer to what the Bible calls “the end of the age.” Do you want evidence that the Bible is the Word of God? Of course you don't, but here it is anyway: Look at the signs the Bible speaks of (combined from Matthew 24; Mark 13; Luke 21; 1 Timothy 4; and 2 Timothy 3), and relate that to contemporary life on earth.

It says that at the end of the age there will be earthquakes in various places, famines, diseases, people becoming fearful of the future, nation rising against nation, wars, people would be deceived by religious leaders who said they were from God, a dead religious system, materialism, a forsaking of the Ten Commandments, money-hunger preachers who would have big followings and slur the name of Christ (see 2 Peter 2:1–3), a denial of the Noahic flood (how true is that one!), increase in violence (watch the news tonight), haters of God (listen to His name blasphemed daily), an increase in knowledge (think of the Internet/computer age), an increase in travel (air travel), false converts who would fall away from the Christian faith and get into the occult, and an increase in vegetarianism (see 1 Timothy 4:1-5).

Scripture also says that mockers would say that these signs have always been around (did you just say that?). We are even told why they would mock such clear truth--because they love their lust (2 Peter 3:1-7). That cuts close to the bone. Imagine that--a 2,000 year-old Book predicts what you would say, and why you would say it.

Here’s the trump card. Jesus said to watch for when the Jews regained Jerusalem (see Luke 21:24). That happened in 1967, after 2,000 years of the Jews not having a homeland, they stepped into Jerusalem, bringing into culmination all the signs of the times.

Don’t test God’s patience. You had better get right with Him today, before it’s too late.

A massive killer quake in China--proof that there's no God...or fulfillment of Bible prophecy?

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Sunday, May 11, 2008

The A to Z Mother

(The following post is in honor of my mother, who has taught me to be a success during my lifetime by simply following common sense characteristics such as education and courtesy when dealing with others. I also would like to honor my wife, whom I love very much, who has raised my six wonderful children, installing in each of them a love for God and others, and building a home that will have lifelong effects on each of us. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!!!)

Prov. 31:10-31 Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies. The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her, so that he shall have no need of spoil. She will do him good and not evil all the days of her life. She seeketh wool, and flax, and worketh willingly with her hands. She is like the merchants' ships; she bringeth her food from afar. She riseth also while it is yet night, and giveth meat to her household, and a portion to her maidens. She considereth a field, and buyeth it: with the fruit of her hands she planteth a vineyard. She girdeth her loins with strength, and strengtheneth her arms. She perceiveth that her merchandise is good: her candle goeth not out by night. She layeth her hands to the spindle, and her hands hold the distaff. She stretcheth out her hand to the poor; yea, she reacheth forth her hands to the needy. She is not afraid of the snow for her household: for all her household are clothed with scarlet. She maketh herself coverings of tapestry; her clothing is silk and purple. Her husband is known in the gates, when he sitteth among the elders of the land. She maketh fine linen, and selleth it; and delivereth girdles unto the merchant. Strength and honour are her clothing; and she shall rejoice in time to come. She openeth her mouth with wisdom; and in her tongue is the law of kindness. She looketh well to the ways of her household, and eateth not the bread of idleness. Her children arise up, and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praiseth her. Many daughters have done virtuously, but thou excellest them all. Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the LORD, she shall be praised. Give her of the fruit of her hands; and let her own works praise her in the gates.

What is a godly Mom? Solomon so well describes what she is in the passage listed above from Proverbs. I want to look at a mother from A to Z in this passage. Our society has taken outward beauty and made it to be what is the most important and is obsessed with it. The Lord does not look at outward beauty alone. That is why He had placed in the scriptures these verses above. It behooves women to try harder to be what God sees than what man looks upon.

Asset- (vs. 10)
Beautiful (inner beauty)- (vs. 25)
Compassionate- (vs. 20)
Diligent- (vs. 16)
Entrepreneur- (vs. 24)
Fears the Lord-(vs. 30)
Good cook- (vs. 14,15)
Homemaker- (vs. 27)
Industrious- (vs. 18)
Joyful- (vs. 27)
Kind (vs. 26)
Loyal (vs. 12)
Model mother (vs. 28)
Noble character (vs. 10)
Organizer (vs. 21)
Praiseworthy (vs. 28;31)
Queenly (vs. 22)
Resourceful (vs. 16)
Skillful (vs. 19-20)
Trustworthy (vs. 11)
Understanding (vs. 26)
Vigilant (vs. 27)
Willing worker (vs. 13)
eXceptional (vs. 29)
Yielding (vs. 23)
Zealous (vs. 17)

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Friday, May 09, 2008


Colossians 3:25 But he that doeth wrong shall receive for the wrong which he hath done: and there is no respect of persons.

This portion of the Word of God is teaching about the relationship between servants and masters. Servants are taught to obey their masters with the right heart attitude, serving as unto the Lord and not unto men. The servant who thus performs his duty is promised a just reward from the Lord. God will righteously reward those who are faithful in their service and obey Him and others. However, those who do not obey will also be compensated. The context ends with our text, “But he that doeth wrong shall receive for the wrong which he hath done.” Wrongs that are not properly made right will result in definite retribution. We should all be thankful that Christ died on the cross for our sins, that we might be forgiven through the mercy of God the moment we trust Christ as Savior. We are likewise promised that when we sin, after we are born again, we can confess that sin to God and receive His gracious forgiveness. However, the same Bible that reveals these glorious truths also teaches us that God is a just Judge, and God Almighty will one day judge wrongs that are not made right. One day, we will stand before the Judgment Seat of Christ and give account for the deeds that we have done. Too many people choose to ignore this aspect of God’s justice. They live as though they can disobey God’s Word and never suffer any consequences or chastisement. Many seem to believe that God is always ready to reward good deeds, but is somehow unconcerned about “he that doeth wrong.” But the Bible teaches otherwise. The same God who rewards the doing of right, also rewards the doing of wrong. One may do wrong and somehow avoid being detected by others, “But he that doeth wrong shall receive for the wrong which he hath done.” God sees everyone and everything, and He will punish for acts of rebellion, regardless of who it is. “There is no respect of persons” with God. The fact that God recognizes and blesses the right choices and also judges wrong actions should motivate us to live in such a way as to please Him. We ought to be reminded that sin is serious and must be dealt with properly. Galatians 6:7 tells us, “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”

A devotional thought by Pastor Smith of Mt. Zion Baptist Church

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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Are You “A Used-to-be”?

As I go on visitation,
People are telling me
How they used to go to church,
And what they used to be.

They say they were a teacher,
And some were deacons too,
Others played the organ,
And ushers, there were a few.

Some used to drive a church bus,
Some sang in the choir, they’d say,
Some used to go on visitation,
And gave out tracts each day.

I’ve heard what they used to be,
And it made me wonder how
They could be active members,
But are doing nothing now.

And it made me wonder
If they were serving the Lord,
Or just active in the church
And finally just got bored.

Does God have a retirement plan?
Is His work just part time?
We’re chosen to be a soldier,
And should be on the battle line.

If you’re a soldier of Christ,
Put on the battle attire,
Let Him give the orders,
And when you should retire.

This battle is against Satan,
Until Jesus we see,
Are you busy serving the Lord,
Or just a “used to be”?

Written by Harry Todd

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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Mistakes in the Bible

(Here is one more good thought from Ray Comfort found on his blog, Comfort Food.)

One reason the Bible establishes itself as being the Word of God is that it exposes the hidden heart-motives of mankind. It reveals that:
  • He is in rebellion who loves to sin (Romans 3:10-18).
  • He mocks the things of God because he loves lust (2 Peter 2:14, 3:3).
  • He hates the light of the Bible because it exposes the darkness of his sinful heart (John 3:19-21).
  • He thinks the things of God are foolish (1 Corinthians 2:14).
  • He is hostile towards God (and will even deny His existence) because of His moral dictates (Romans 8:7).
  • He is plagued every day by the fear of death (Hebrews 2:14, 15).

In his ignorance he searches for what he believes are “mistakes” in the Bible to justify his godless beliefs. (This search, however, is not found in the Word of God itself, but from reading what others have said about the so-called mistakesin the Bible. They can't fanthom a thorough search on their own because of their hatred for God's very words which brings judgment to their sinful lifestyle.) He is like a man who diligently searches (with a magnifying glass) for a tiny fly dirt on the Mona Lisa, so that he can justify discarding the whole painting as junk.

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Saturday, May 03, 2008


Psalm 37:3 Trust in the LORD, and do good; so shalt thou dwell in the land, and verily thou shalt be fed.

If ever there were a single verse of Scripture that summarized the general responsibility of the Christian life, this could be it. We are to “Trust in the LORD, and do good.” We are to live by faith and do that which we know to do. We are always to rely upon God, trusting in Him entirely, yet never ceasing to obey His commands and principles. Daniel B. Towner was present in a testimony service in 1886 when a man, reportedly knowing little of the great doctrines of the Bible, stood to speak. He finished his testimony by saying, “I’m not quite sure-but I’m going to trust and I’m going to obey.” Mr. Towner wrote down the man’s words and shared them with John Sammis. The result was one of the most beloved hymns of all time, “Trust and Obey.” This is great advice for the youngest child of God and also for the most mature saint. There are two duties in this text, each with equal importance, both faith and obedience. As with many such verses, there is also a clear progression. Although obedience is critical, everything begins with faith. In the matter of salvation, one can never work his way to Heaven. We are born again when we “Trust in the LORD.” That regenerating work will manifest itself in the desire and ability to “do good.” There is also a clear balance for godly living in this profound and inspired statement. It presents the absolute necessity of both faith and works. Of course, faith is not passive; but living faith will result in obedience to Christ. At the same time, the effort to “do good” is not in conflict with faith, or a replacement for it. In the Christian life, faith and works complement each other. We have all witnessed the imbalance of those who claim to be relying on God, and yet they are unwilling to obey the commands of the Word of God. We have also known those who were zealously committed to doing what they perceived to be right, but without the essential presence of faith and dependence upon God. You have probably heard the familiar saying which embodies this principle, “Pray as if everything depends on God, and work as though everything depends on you.” The remainder of this text promises great blessing for those who will “Trust in the LORD, and do good.”

A devotional thought by Pastor Smith of Mt. Zion Baptist Church

Trust and Obey by John H. Sammis, 1887

When we walk with the Lord in the light of His Word,
What a glory He sheds on our way!
While we do His good will, He abides with us still,
And with all who will trust and obey.

Trust and obey, for there’s no other way
To be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey.

Not a shadow can rise, not a cloud in the skies,
But His smile quickly drives it away;
Not a doubt or a fear, not a sigh or a tear,
Can abide while we trust and obey.

Not a burden we bear, not a sorrow we share,
But our toil He doth richly repay;
Not a grief or a loss, not a frown or a cross,
But is blessed if we trust and obey.

But we never can prove the delights of His love
Until all on the altar we lay;
For the favor He shows, for the joy He bestows,
Are for them who will trust and obey.

Then in fellowship sweet we will sit at His feet,
Or we’ll walk by His side in the way;
What He says we will do, where He sends we will go;
Never fear, only trust and obey.

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Friday, May 02, 2008

Quote-mining Atheists

(Here is a portion of another excellent article written by Ray Comfort found on his Comfort Food blog. I am sure you have met skeptics in the past who always "fling" Bible verses pointing out dishonoring "facts" about God or Christians, of course taken out of context, trying to prove their false thoughts about God Almighty!!!! Possibly some information in this article can be used to combat their foolishness....)

Question submitted to Ray Comfort - "I am an atheist. I do not believe in any god or gods or anything supernatural. So don't waste your time threatening me with eternal torture at the hands of some super being -- you might as well claim that I'm about to be serenaded by Alvin and the Chipmunks, I'm just not going to take it seriously.”

Ray Comfort's answer to the question - There are two issues here. One is the character of God. Another skeptic insinuated the same thing when he posted, “Can anyone interpret Numbers 31:7-18? Anyone?” The portion of Scripture tells how God told His people to kill every man woman and child and keep the virgin women for themselves. There are a number of other verses in the Bible that paint God as a merciless tyrant and if you so desire, you can “quote mine” them and have, what may feel to you, a good case against the character of God. As far as you are concerned, He is guilty of genocide. Add to that the terrifying threat of an endless Hell, and the worst of sinners feels justified in contempt for such a deity.

Let me tell you about my father. He regularly left my mom to take care of us kids (when he was around, there were times that he physically beat us). I remember him once killing a defenseless animal with his bare hands. With that information you would be quite justified in saying that my father was a tyrant--an abusive pig of a man.

Here’s some missing information. The reason he regularly left mom to take care of us was because he was a builder, and he was working long hours to make money to buy food for his beloved family. He did physically spank us when we lied or stole anything. He cared enough to correct us when we did wrong. Oh, and that helpless animal. He found it on the side of the road. It had been hit by a car and was dying. He put the poor animal out of its misery, and it grieved him to have to do it. My dad was a loving father and an extremely compassionate person.

Quote mine the Bible and you will paint God as a tyrant. But let me give you some more information. God gave us life. He gave us eyes to see the incredible creation he made for us.. He gave us ears to hear wonderful music He created for us. He gave us taste buds to enjoy all the incredible variety of food he made for us. And we use His name as a cuss word. We are unthankful and ungrateful for the unspeakable goodness He lavished upon us. So what did He do? He became a perfect Man in the person of Jesus of Nazareth. The first time Jesus opened His mouth to preach, they tried to kill Him. Scripture records that humanity tried to murder Him ten times before He reached the cross. But that’s why He came. This incredible kind, loving and forgiving God is also a God of justice and truth. His very nature demands that when a man murders another human being he must be punished. His justice demands that when a man rapes a woman, he must be punished for his crime. His righteousness cries out for justice to be done when anyone transgresses His perfect Law. So what did this kind God do? He gave His life on an unspeakably cruel cross, taking the punishment for the sin of the world, so that evil humanity could escape being justly punished in Hell.

So when I see Bible quote mining, I have a balance. I don’t see my Father as a tyrant because Scripture gives me extra information that tells me that He is just and holy, and that all His judgments are righteous and true altogether. That terrible cross shows me that His wrath hasn’t changed, but it shows me unspeakable love and mercy, goodness and kindness, compassion and care.

That brings us to the second issue, the character of the questioner. Having asked these questions of thousands of people, I feel qualified to give the answer I think he would give me. How many lies have you told in your life? “Many.” “Perhaps a hundred?” “Easily.” “Have you ever taken something that belonged to someone else, even if it’s small?” “Yes.” Have you ever taken God’s name in vain?” “Plenty of times.” “Have you ever watched sex scenes in R-rated movies?” “Of course. Many times.” If a peeping Tom did the same thing through a bedroom window, we would call the police and have him arrested as some sort of sexual pervert, and yet you have done the same thing as a peeping Tom, only your “window” is a movie screen. So I take it that you also look at women with lust?” “All the time.”

So Mr. Questioner, you are a lying, thieving, blasphemous, sexual pervert, and you have the gall to stand in moral judgment over Almighty God! Who do you think you are? Who are you to reply against God? Lay your hand upon your sinful mouth, and humble yourself before the justice of God spills over onto you and you find Him giving you what you deserve.

God killed a man and his wife because they told one lie. You have told over one hundred, and yet He has let you live. This isn’t because He has changed His standards. He is simply extending His kind hand of mercy towards you, a liar and pervert.

If I have a question about the character of God, I have the good sense to hold my hand upon my mouth until I am in Heaven, and there God may see fit to answer it. But if you stay in your sins, you will get a satisfactory answer to a point where you will say, “Oh, I understand. I was wrong” will be of little consequence in Hell.

Mockers think that they have a “smoking gun” as evidence against God, and are the sort of people in the front row of a lynching mob. In truth, they are building their own gallows. They can’t see clearly because they have a sequoia in their eye.

If the skeptic still wants to complain that God killed women and children in the Old Testament, he should realize that He did more than that. He proclaimed the death sentence on the entire human race--every man, woman and child. We will all die because we have sinned against God. So if you are a skeptic, stop whining, get right with Him through the Savior, and escape the damnation of Hell, while you still have time.

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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Religious Hypocrisy

(I truly enjoyed this article by Ray Comfort posted on his blog, Comfort Food. Too many people in today's world focus their eyes on the "goats" of RELIGION, those false, professing "christians" who are responsible for painting a false picture of God and His Son, Jesus Christ, and His Word, the Bible. Thus, deceived by Satan, they blindly lead others to the pits of Hell for all eternity!!!!! He puts into words what I have tried to explain to others before, but possibly through this post some eyes will be opened!!!!!)

A Question submitted to Ray Comfort: “Ray, I thought I'd share some fact with you. I just reviewed the FBI crime index, the teen pregnancy index, index of religion in the states, and index for each different religion in the states for 2007. The funny thing I found was that crime and violent crime rated highest in the most religious parts of America. Teen pregnancy did the same. The most concentrated area in America for both was not only the most religious portion of the our nation but also where Baptist was the leading church body. The less religious and more secular areas rate were significantly less in all categories mentioned. So if people who choose to not believe in God so they can do all the horrible things his rules tell us not to do, why isn't the less religious portion of the American population doing them? Just curious. Does this prove there is a correlation between religion, crime and teen pregnancy? Since this was just a quick run through with only a few sources used, I'd say no, but it really makes me wonder. It also greatly helps to refute some of your claims about those who reject your God.”

Ray Comfort's answer: This is a good question, and it brings out the essence of what our ministry teaches. The modern church has proclaimed a false gospel that has produced millions of false converts (those we commonly call “backsliders”). Do a little study among your atheist friends, and you will find that many are in this category. These people are normally bitter at Christianity. They feel cheated; and so they should. They heard a false gospel, and had a false conversion, and the Bible warns that those who experience such, will end up in a worse state than before their so-called “conversion.”

However, even more tragic than the creation of false converts who fall away from the faith, is the category of false converts who stay within the Church. They profess the Christian faith, but as your statistics confirm, their hypocritical lifestyles don’t match what they profess. The Bible calls them “goats” among the “sheep.” In the Middle East it’s extremely difficult to discern goats from sheep as they flock together. However, a good shepherd can tell the difference. The day will come when the Good Shepherd will separate the sheep from the goats. The sheep (the true converts) will go into everlasting life, and the goats (the false converts) will go into everlasting damnation.

Here is the difference between the true gospel and the false gospel. The false message says that you should come to Christ “because something is missing in your life--you have a God-shaped hole in your heart. God has a wonderful plan for your life.” But there is no biblical precedent for a message of life-improvement upon conversion. None. In fact, the Bible says that you will have trials, tribulations, temptations and persecution.

The reason any of us should come to Christ is because we are deceitfully wicked sinners, and we desperately need a Savior. Without the mercy of God in Christ, we will come under God’s just wrath, and end up in Hell. We should come to Christ for no other reason.

The false message is very popular for obvious reasons, and that’s why popular preachers who preach the false gospel have such large followings. However, some people (like yourself), are beginning to see the discrepancy and asking why. It’s our earnest prayer that they listen to what we are saying, and reform the message that’s being preached.

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