Sunday, January 06, 2008

Why Do Many Christians Accept Evolution?

Unfortunately, many Christians—in fact, many pastors—accept some form of evolution and try to add it to the Bible. They say that God could have used evolutionary processes over millions of years to bring about plants, animals, and finally man. Many accept molecule-to-man evolution because they believe that science has “proven” that the earth is millions of years old, so they simply attach God to the process.

But this view, called “theistic evolution,” is actually destructive to the gospel message. Of course, this does not mean that people who believe in theistic evolution aren’t Christians, since the Bible teaches that believing in and confessing Christ’s death and resurrection is the key to salvation. However, they are being very inconsistent in their faith.

The Bible clearly teaches that when God created Adam and Eve, the world was perfect (i.e., “very good”). There was no death and bloodshed. But because of the sin of Adam, God brought death as a judgment into the world. Of course, He also provided a means by which man could be reconciled to his Creator.

But a Christian who believes in evolution over eons as told by evolutionists must also believe that God used death and bloodshed over millions of years as a way to bring man into existence. For them, the fossil record is not a sign of God’s judgment in the Flood, but of the cruel nature of the world they believe God created. However, if death is not a result of the Fall, then why would God need to send His Son to save us from death? In this view, cancer, pain, and death would simply be part of the original plan.

But thank God this is not the true history of the world. Death came into the world because of sin, but Christ came to the earth and died to save us from sin and death. There is no room for death before sin, and no room for the evolutionary myth in the Bible.

Article from AnswersWeekly, published by Answers in Genesis ministry

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