Saturday, October 14, 2006

Religious Double-Talk

"Seeing then that we have such hope, we use great plainness of speech." 2 Corinthians 3:12

No true Christian hides behind religious ceremony and mysterious terminology when declaring what he or she believes, because their faith has been already fully declared in the clear wording of the Bible. People today however have become used to something called "double-speak" when it comes to God, and anything that is related to God. To be clear, double-speak is the use of "deliberately ambiguous or evasive language." In other words, it is when a person uses the art of "waffling." You never know what they are really saying. Politicians are great at employing this art of "evasive speech" that basically has no meaning. They know how to talk out of both sides of their mouth. To one person they may say one thing, and then to another person they say something quite different. And when challenged, they steer quite clear of defining what they mean. This art however, has taken hold today on the hearts and minds of people when it comes to God and truth. The fact is, people today do a lot of talking about God, but fewer and fewer believe that He even exists, or even cares about this planet anymore.

The Art of Manipulation

What has happened is that people have gotten into the very same habit that politicians get caught up in - using words only to their own advantage. Words no longer have distinct meaning. Instead, everything now is only meant to impress the hearer, and not to convey any real information. The goal is pure manipulation!

It is this double-speak that saturates people's references to the Bible nowadays. The modern 90's educated example of humanity willfully subjugates the Bible to his or her own advantage, all-the-while, never believing it! Its called, "Using the Bible, but never believing it!" For example, have you noticed how that people are quick to give a Bible as a gift at weddings and baptisms, and yet would never expect it to be read, much less believed? Isn't that strange?

People also have a habit of reading Bible stories to children, and expecting them to believe them (as a child), but would never expect a "thinking adult" to go along with those so called "mythological" bed-time stories!

And then there is the person who is always quick to quote "Judge not, that ye be not judged..." from Matthew 7:1 in the Bible when someone points out a certain problem in their life. These kind of people only quote Scripture to their own advantage - in order to protect their sins. They know what source to use, but they would never be caught obeying the rest of the Bible!

One last thing. Have you ever noticed people reminding others how that "even Jesus made water into wine" just so that they could justify their regular trek down to the favourite pub?! The problem is, they haven't a clue what they are talking about, yet they act like that reference to a Scriptural account should settle the matter forever! These are hypocrites of the grandest sort! Hypocrites who only USE words for their own advantage. This use of God's word is like a wolf using sheep's clothing - to get the sheep!

Isn't it amazing that entire religions will USE the Bible as the authority for their existence, and yet at the end of the day, they are only USING it to get your submission to THEM, and not to God! To test this statement, ask ANY theologian of ANY "Christian" religion why their religion is best, and their response will always include a reference to the Bible being their authority. But then ask them if the Bible is perfect, and sufficient ALONE for you to find their way of belief! They will laugh you to scorn because they believe that you need THEM, and not the Bible in order to know "truth." They believe that we "simple-minded people" should just leave the Bible to them, and trust that THEY know how to "interpret it!" Right! The Bible is just being used as the springboard into our wallets and purses! All religions work this same way. But thankfully God works differently!

The Results of Religious Double-speak

People begin to regard the Bible only as a TOOL of religion, and no longer as the words of God that can deliver the soul from hell! This leads to people by the droves turning over their Bibles to a select group of so-called theological intellectuals. And in exchange for God's truth, people end up with proposed sex education classes for 7 years olds, hypno-therapy sessions, bio-energy seminars, drug pushers, more government welfare programmes, more marriage break-ups, horoscopes, abortions, child abuse cases, and everything else that is rampant in our "modern" illuminated society!

Beware of "scholars" and "theologians" who themselves do not submit to the authority of God's words, and rather set themselves up as your authority! They truly are wolves in sheep's clothing (Matthew 7:15) who seek only to steal your money and sell your soul!

When Bible believing Christians refer to the word of God, they are referencing a written document that can be produced in a court of law, and tested and examined. When they quote from it, they are willing and ready to have what they quote questioned, and validated on a literal basis - not on a subjected one! Real Bible-believers do not submit to visions and miracles, and intangible events that no one can ever evaluate. They submit to a complete and perfect, written word of God called the Holy Bible! God does not use "double-speak!" He would be a pretty sorry God if He had to stoop so low to say one thing and mean another. He doesn't need your money - He wants to save your soul!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bro. Jim good post. I have a question for you I notice you are having Bob Gray. If you would could you share you view of repentance with me. If you want to so there isn't anything started you can email me. I know I had a post on my website and people really was wrong in the way they dealt with it. God Bless YOu
Bro. Jim

Bro Tim

9:47 AM  
Blogger Jim said...

Bro. Tim,

Sorry for the late reply... I have been out of town and just catching up on some things here at home after my return. Repentance is a biblical term... it is a must for salvation. It is a change of mind, or turning from one direction to the opposite direction. I do not know Bob Gray's official position, but I do know that there are various beliefs regarding this term.... from easy believism to hard believism. How about sending me a link to your post and let me see exactly what you are refering to if you do not mind. I do believe both repentence and belief go hand and hand and are both necessary for salvation.

Please forgive my quick and simple answer... I appreciate your spirit in your question. Thanks for stopping by...

10:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bro Jim thanks for replying. I believe we believe the same way. I believe belief and repentance are neccessary, but they are not the same. Bob Gray holds to a unbelief to belief. I know because I heard while he was preaching at another church I attended that is one of the reasons I know longer attend. I will try to send that post to you when I get a chance.
Bro TIm

9:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bro Jim this is my post on repentance.

Acts 17:30 And at the times of this ignorance God winked at;but now commandeth all men everywhere to repent.

I know the subject I am dealing with today has split the independent baptist movement. I know great men like Jack Hyles, Bob Gray texas, in their writings disagree with what I am saying. I never heard say Hyles say what he believed about repentance in person but I have read enough to know where he stood. Bob Gray on the other hand I heard from his mouth that repentance is a change of unbelief to belief. Is this really true. Is it true for a person to be saved all they have to do is belief on the Lord Jesus Christ only. Those that believe in repentance are told that they are making salvation to hard. Does that mean that if a drunkard gets saved and never gives us drinking he is saved? Does that mean when I lead someone to Christ that if they never ever have a desire for godly things that they are going to heaven just because they believed? These are some great questions that if you asked most preachers would say yes they are going to heaven because God know there heart, or have we got to number hungry leading people down the romans road and them praying and pronoucing them saved and they still live like the devil. Something is very wrong with someone whose life never changes. Lets look at this thing of repentance from a Biblical standpoint and hopefully we will understand better what repentance is.

I. What is Repentance?

Metanoia is the greek word. change of the mind, repentance, the of changing any or all the elements composing of ones life; attitude, thoughts, and behaviors, concerning the demands of God for right living.

II. Who preached Repentance?
Paul preached repentance. Acts 17:30, Acts20:21.
Peter preached repentance. Acts 2:38, and then he tells us in II Peter 3:9
Jesus preached repentance. Luke 13:3
There are other passages that show each of these men preaching repentance.

III. Why preach Repentance?
Because it is the Scriptures. The bible tells us that a person that is saved is a new creature.
Because it is neccessary for Salvation.
Unless a person repents they will perish.

IV. How do I know if I repented of my sins. The best way I know how to say this is through the scriptures.
I. First you got lost. No one ever repents without being lost first.
Because the Holy Spirit came and lived inside of you. God can't move in and nothing change.
Second your desires change. A person will now desire to read, and pray, and go to church.

I close with this repentance is a gift that God gives us after we have been convicted of our sins I believe we truly want to turn from sin unto a Holy God. The reason their are so many shallow professions is most of the time that person has not been convicted. NO conviction then no repentance, and lastly no salvation. I hope this helps because yes I do believe a person must change after they are saved. Till next time God Bless You.

9:48 AM  

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