Thursday, May 11, 2006

Are You a Drop Out Disciple???

(This article is taken from Landmark Baptist College's publication The Anchor, April 2006 edition, written by Dr. Mickey Carter, pastor of Landmark Baptist Church and chancellor of Landmark Baptist College)

From the disciples' view point Jesus ministry was going wonderfully. He had just fed the 5,000 and the next day the crowds were much bigger. It must have seemed that the Kingdom was ready to be announced. Then the incident happened in John 6 which made many of His disciples turn and walk no more with Him. These are drop out disciples. Why did the people quit following Jesus? Here are five reasons our text suggests.

First, Jesus revealed their purpose of easy gain. They were there for the food, not the preaching (v 26). They did not care what Jesus said as long as He fed them. Are you faithful for who Christ is or just that He blesses you? If He allowed persecution or problems to disturb your comfort zone would you quit your service to the Lord? When Jesus told them they must believe on Him whom He hath sent, these drop out disciples decided that this religion stuff was not for them.

Second, the people could not stand plain preaching. The people would not consider that Jesus was saying, "You must partake of me spiritually." So then Jesus changed the message to their level and said that they had to eat His flesh and drink His blood or they would have no life in themselves. The crowd turned away and said that Jesus' sayings were too hard. It was their hearts that were hard, not Jesus' Words. We need plain preaching about what is wrong and what is right. Too many preachers are more worried about the deacons' opinions rather than the Lord's opinion. We need plain preaching that will preach on the sinfulness of sin and the holiness of God.

The third reason some quit was that of persecution (v 42). The people murmured to themselves and then murmured at Him (v 41), strove with Him (v 52) and then left Him(v 66). Things can get difficult in your life. Jesus asked the disciples if they were going away. Peter spoke up and said that they would not because they knew what Jesus was speaking about when Jesus talked about eternal life. But Judas was there that day and it seems that was the day he made his decision to leave. Jesus said then that one of them would betray Him. When things get rough will you quit and be a drop out disciple?

Fourth, the people did not recognize the difference between precious and perishable. They were wanting manna. Manna was a special food given by God for the Jews wondering in the wilderness. It was provided every morning, would not last the night, and had to be gathered fresh daily. By the next meal the eaters were hungry again. Jesus tried to preach to them of faith and everlasting life. They kept asking when they were going to eat. How many people strive all their life for pleasure and perishable things and ignore the eternal things? How many Christians will not read their Bibles on Monday morning because they are in a hurry to get to work. Or on Tuesday, Wednesday, etc.?

Fifth, they did not recognize the person of Jesus (v36). They were attracted by the benefits of being with Him but not His message. They saw miracles, heard great stories, and sometimes got fed. Many missed the true person of Christ and what He wanted of them. They became drop out disciples when He told them they had to believe on Him and not just follow Him around. They were turned off by the need to be saved. Have you ever been on visitation and had someone tell you they used to go to church but don't go anywhere now? They are usually angry at someone and have a fully self-justified reason to stay home. They seem to believe if they are angry then God is angry, too. The truth is, they are drop out disciples, no different from the ones who left Jesus when He did not feed them. Jesus asked his twelve, "Will ye also go away?" Peter said that he would not leave Jesus for He had the words of eternal life. Judas, in his heart, said, "I am out of here." So, what will you say to Jesus' question? A cat will continually come to your door if you feed it. Quit feeding it and see how much it loves you.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bro Jim thanks for sharing this with us. Bro if there is one thing I never want to be by the grace of God is a drop out disciple. I was thinking of that phrase will ye also go away. How many people do we hear about or know who have went away. I thank God for strong preacher that preaches it straight. SO to answer your question by his grace I am not a drop out disciple. Now may the Lord help us to get others who may have dropped out on the Lord. Thanks again for the post. Bro Tim

8:04 AM  
Blogger Karuna said...

Very nice post.Its true very few preach it boldly the way it is.

God Bless.

12:45 PM  
Blogger Jim said...

Bro. Tim, let's both pray for each other that we will not be a "drop-out" disciple, as well as those God has given us in close fellowship (friends, family, fellow church members), that they too will not "drop-out."

Godzheart, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog. I am thankful that I am in a church where the Word of God is believed to be true and is boldly proclaimed!!!

10:00 AM  

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