Sunday, May 24, 2009

This Is The Book!!!

Since God wrote it, mark its truthfulness. If I had written it, there would be worms of critics who would at once swarm on it and would cover it with their evil spawn. Had I written it, there would be men who would pull it to pieces at once and would perhaps be quite right to. But this is the Word of God. Come, search, ye critics, and find a flaw; examine it from its Genesis to its Revelation and find error.

This is a vein of pure gold, unalloyed by quartz or any earthly substance. This is a star without a speck, a sun without a blot, a light without darkness, a moon without paleness, a glory without dimness.

O Bible! It cannot be said of any other book that it is perfect and pure, but of Thee we can declare that all wisdom is gathered up in Thee without a particle of folly. This is the Judge that ends the strife where wit and reason fail. This is the Book untainted by error but is pure, unalloyed, perfect truth. Why? Because God wrote it. Ah! Charge God with error if you please; tell Him that His Book is not what it ought to be.... Blessed Bible, Thou art all truth.

By Charles Spurgeon

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