Thursday, May 14, 2009

Back-Seat Problem

"I wonder," said good Parson Jones,
With a little troubled frown,
"If there is any way to get
You folks seated farther down."

"You see I have to talk across
So many empty pews
Before my voice can reach the back;
I fear my point you lose."

"And then I feel so lonesome too,
Way up here - you clear back there;
It's hard to feel you're with me
When I come to God in prayer."

"I wonder if you folks are scared
Of what I'm going to preach,
That you hurry so to park yourselves
In the farthest seat?"

"Or do you fear the church someday
Will suddenly catch fire?
Or do you want to slip out quick
If of my theme you tire?"

"I wish you'd come up closer
So I wouldn't have to shout -
If you don't I'm going to have
Those back seats taken out!"

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