Saturday, December 01, 2007

Seed Spitting Contest

You probably remember those summer picnics where the watermelon was cut and those interested were challenged to a seed spitting contest. It was fun and the watermelon could be safely digested.

On many occasions I have heard seminar speakers admonish others to "spit out the seeds," if anything was said they disagreed with. Dr. Jack Hyles taught smorgasbord style. He said, "Take what you can use, but don't spit on the rest." That is good advice and is necessary in the maturing process. That is why parents pick the seeds and bones out for small children.

I recently preached in the Southwest and a church member who disagreed with me, demanded that his pastor put in writing that he too reject my teaching. The pastor would not, and the troublemaker left. This is typical of critics who cannot spit out the seeds and leave the rest alone. If I burned every book in my library that I disagreed with on some point, I would have nothing left but ashes. If I demand that my friends agree with me on every point, I would find myself all alone.

Are we still wading in the "kiddy pool"? Must we have "parents" to censure our friends, our books and our decisions? Some are incapable of spitting out the seeds and choke on everything they can't agree with.

Brothers can disagree without becoming disagreeable!!!

By Pastor Ken Blue

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