Monday, October 29, 2007

Preachers Who Don't Want to Convert Anybody!!!

  1. Let your supreme motive be popularity rather than salvation.
  2. Study to please your congregation and to make a reputation rather than to please God.
  3. Take up popular, passing and sensational themes to draw the crowd, and avoid essential doctrines of salvation.
  4. Denounce sin in the abstract but pass lightly over sins that prevail in your congregation.
  5. Preach on the loveliness of virtue and the glory of Heaven but not on the sinfulness of sin and the terrors of Hell.
  6. Reprove the sin of the absent but make those who are present pleased with themselves so that they will enjoy the sermon and not go away with their feelings hurt.
  7. Make the impression on worldly members that God is too good to send anyone to Hell, even if there is a Hell.
  8. Preach the universal Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man so as to show that no second birth is really needed.
  9. Do not rebuke the worldliness of the church but fall in with the amusement policy. Instead of meeting for prayer, let people sit down to eat and drink and rise up to play.

By Charles G. Finney

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