Saturday, October 20, 2007

Deep and Wide

The assumption that a church must be as deep as it is wide reveals that one has very little understanding about the ministry. Those who believe outreach and discipleship are equally important are criticized as being "an inch deep and a mile wide." That is, they are shallow and know very little about deeper Bible study.

That criticism is rooted in pride. Churches, adding new members regularly, will have believers at different levels of spiritual growth. It is a mark of insanity to feed them the same diet. Some require milk; others need meat.

If I had to choose, which I do not, between a church that is "an inch deep and a mile wide or a church that was a mile deep and an inch wide," the choice would be easy. I would take the wider church every time. I have no interest in a handful of "deeper life Christians" that sit around and criticize those who have not reached their spiritual depth.

As a pastor …
  1. I am called to feed the sheep.
  2. I must not destroy a brother with my stronger faith.
  3. I must speak words easily understood.
  4. I must be like Jesus and speak to the common people.

By Ken Blue

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