Saturday, October 13, 2007

Big Mac vs. The Ten Commandments

Below is a brief news story which caught my eye this week that shouldn't come as a surprise to most Bible believers today. The simple fact is this: even with all the new, easy to understand bibles in the churches today, as well as, all the "seeker oriented" church ministries today, the people of "Christian America" know very little about the things of God and His Word. Satan has been doing his job at bringing "religious confusion" and worldly entertainment as the chief priority in the average individual's life.

It is also a fact that many know very little of God's commandments since their lifestyle shows very much the opposite in their day to day living and belief system. Sadly, this is true of many Christians today; we expect the lost to not understand God's Commandments, but Christians are to be Christ-like and willingly obedient of God's Word as they read it and learn abut its teachings. However, looking around the average church of today, we sell very little genuine Christianity. America is in need of revival, and that revival must first start with us Bible believing individuals and our churches!!!!! We have sin in our lives which much be addressed before we can present the Gospel message to the ever increasing lost and dying world around us.

"Ten Commandments" survey of Americans: Huh?


"Two all-beef patties, special sauce ...." A new survey finds that nearly twice as many people can name the ingredients of a Big Mac than can name the Ten Commandments.

The survey, conducted by Kelton Research, asked 1,000 Americans how many of the Ten Commandments they could name. Among the survey's findings: 80 percent knew the ingredients of a Big Mac, and 6 in 10 respondents knew the sixth commandment -- "Thou shalt not kill." Also, Bobby and Peter -- the least-recalled names from the early 1970s TV family "Brady Bunch" -- were more familiar to respondents than the least-recalled commandments, "Remember the Sabbath," and "Do not make any false idols."

The survey was conducted in conjunction with the upcoming nationwide release of the animated feature, "The Ten Commandments." Paul Lauer is founder of Motive Entertainment, the group marketing the new movie. He says although there has been much debate in recent years over the public display of the Ten Commandments, the survey shows that God's laws are not being taught in many homes.

"I think the message is clear that we're failing, not only on a society level, but also on a personal level, to teach and spread these most important building blocks of our faith and our morality," he says.

He points out that it is ironic that God's Laws are not well known in a nation founded on Judeo-Christian values. Lauer says he hopes the movie will encourage Americans to get re-acquainted with the Ten Commandments and the Holy Bible.

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Leave it to a movie to help us get re-acquainted with the Ten Commandments????? What has happened to the church and its members today?????

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Blogger Julie's Jewels said...

That was a catchy title!! It doesn't surprise me though that twice as many can name the things on a big mac than they can of the ten commandments. That is so sad!!

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