Thursday, September 17, 2009


(This was posted by a preacher earlier this week who has given me permission to share with others.... Pastor Danny Bezet of Baytown, TX)

We stand as free Americans today, though there is turmoil in our land
God help there to be a prayer on our lips, thanking Him for a land so grand

My heart still pounds as I see our flag, it’s beat quickens beneath my hand
I owe a great debt to so many, who for freedom took a stand

In anger I gaze upon those that would divide, self and power is all that they can see
It will take courage to stem the tide, but America’s still worth it, seems to me

It’s not skin color or a a party line, it’s a nation of free people and their desire to remain
While some fight, blame, accuse and whine, the brave and true will look to God again

It is sad that we have to protest and take to the streets or get on the TV
With our future at stake and our faith put to the test. Its time for good men to agree

We have dismissed our God and ignored His call and wonder why we are in such a mess.
His Word is rejected or not heard at all, such a people, such a nation, He will not bless.

It’s time to stop and take a long look, at where we once were and where we have come
To pick up the Bible, And lift our eyes to Heaven, where mercy and help is from

The enemy is not a leader that is a louse, nor is the enemy those that distort the news
The enemy is not the Godless in the White House, Its the blind that sit in our Church pews

While we wait to see what will be, let us do what we should have done before the race
Ask the God of Heaven for another opportunity to humble ourselves and seek His face

Let us plead for God to protect our birthright, and to give us courage that knows no gender
To walk in His Word and the power of His might and stand for right, and never surrender

Look past your stomach and pocket book, pray for God to smile on our nation again
Give God and your children a fresh look, and God's favor to regain

These are fearful days I must confess, and what will happen I cannot tell
I can only trust and in the Lord rest, and know that He does all things well

Our own will and way put us in this place, a place of deep sorrow and dreadful shame
I bow before my God and trust His grace and I suggest that you and yours do the same

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