Monday, March 09, 2009

Ten Little Missionaries

Ten Future Missionaries heard God’s call Divine;
Mom steered her child away from it, enough there are with nine.

Nine future missionaries, to reach a world of hate;
Dad wanted his son an athlete, and cared not that God had but eight.

Eight future missionaries, to point the way to heaven;
Children make mistakes shrugged one, God must only need seven.

Seven future missionaries, when one begin to mix;
With peers all backslidden, then the count turned six

Six future missionaries, to preach Christ is alive;
One’s goal became the dollar, and that left only five.

Five future missionaries, to open salvation’s door;
One claimed, I lost my burden, and left the world with four.

Four future missionaries, from sin to set men free;
To one, sin became a pleasure, and then the willing numbered three.

Three future missionaries, had glorious plans in view;
But after sifting trials, the faithful numbered two.

Two future missionaries, when at first ten had begun;
One chose a wife who would not go, and that left God with one.

One little missionary, who heard God’s call divine;
Who left all to serve His Savior, unlike the other nine.

Author Unknown

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