Thursday, May 01, 2008

Religious Hypocrisy

(I truly enjoyed this article by Ray Comfort posted on his blog, Comfort Food. Too many people in today's world focus their eyes on the "goats" of RELIGION, those false, professing "christians" who are responsible for painting a false picture of God and His Son, Jesus Christ, and His Word, the Bible. Thus, deceived by Satan, they blindly lead others to the pits of Hell for all eternity!!!!! He puts into words what I have tried to explain to others before, but possibly through this post some eyes will be opened!!!!!)

A Question submitted to Ray Comfort: “Ray, I thought I'd share some fact with you. I just reviewed the FBI crime index, the teen pregnancy index, index of religion in the states, and index for each different religion in the states for 2007. The funny thing I found was that crime and violent crime rated highest in the most religious parts of America. Teen pregnancy did the same. The most concentrated area in America for both was not only the most religious portion of the our nation but also where Baptist was the leading church body. The less religious and more secular areas rate were significantly less in all categories mentioned. So if people who choose to not believe in God so they can do all the horrible things his rules tell us not to do, why isn't the less religious portion of the American population doing them? Just curious. Does this prove there is a correlation between religion, crime and teen pregnancy? Since this was just a quick run through with only a few sources used, I'd say no, but it really makes me wonder. It also greatly helps to refute some of your claims about those who reject your God.”

Ray Comfort's answer: This is a good question, and it brings out the essence of what our ministry teaches. The modern church has proclaimed a false gospel that has produced millions of false converts (those we commonly call “backsliders”). Do a little study among your atheist friends, and you will find that many are in this category. These people are normally bitter at Christianity. They feel cheated; and so they should. They heard a false gospel, and had a false conversion, and the Bible warns that those who experience such, will end up in a worse state than before their so-called “conversion.”

However, even more tragic than the creation of false converts who fall away from the faith, is the category of false converts who stay within the Church. They profess the Christian faith, but as your statistics confirm, their hypocritical lifestyles don’t match what they profess. The Bible calls them “goats” among the “sheep.” In the Middle East it’s extremely difficult to discern goats from sheep as they flock together. However, a good shepherd can tell the difference. The day will come when the Good Shepherd will separate the sheep from the goats. The sheep (the true converts) will go into everlasting life, and the goats (the false converts) will go into everlasting damnation.

Here is the difference between the true gospel and the false gospel. The false message says that you should come to Christ “because something is missing in your life--you have a God-shaped hole in your heart. God has a wonderful plan for your life.” But there is no biblical precedent for a message of life-improvement upon conversion. None. In fact, the Bible says that you will have trials, tribulations, temptations and persecution.

The reason any of us should come to Christ is because we are deceitfully wicked sinners, and we desperately need a Savior. Without the mercy of God in Christ, we will come under God’s just wrath, and end up in Hell. We should come to Christ for no other reason.

The false message is very popular for obvious reasons, and that’s why popular preachers who preach the false gospel have such large followings. However, some people (like yourself), are beginning to see the discrepancy and asking why. It’s our earnest prayer that they listen to what we are saying, and reform the message that’s being preached.

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