Thursday, November 09, 2006


(This is an excerpt of a devotional thought by Dr. Guy Goodell, pastor of Bible Baptist Church in Hudson Falls, NY, published in 1999 by The Flaming Torch.)

As I was returning home after a series of hospital visits I was rejoicing that I had been able to witness to a friend in the hospital. I came down Main Street in Hudson Falls and saw a mother duck and six ducklings crossing the main highway in a painted crosswalk.

Head erect, steps deliberate, the mother duck pranced meticulously into the crosswalk; six little ducks assumed the same posture and accomplished the same task. Traffic was backed up on both sides of the walkway as THE DUCKS CROSSED ALL IN A ROW!

Like the duck in the crosswalk: I must set my face in determined Christian Living. I must high step the path God has given me, despite the dangers and disappointments. I must exemplify the right habits for those who would follow my example. I must persist to the other side, holding up the traffic of this ungodly world, if necessary. Let me ask you, "Do you have ALL YOUR DUCKS IN A ROW"? Is there a spiritual order to your life? Are the right things prioritized?

Bible Study

Get it together. Fight every possible intrusion to time in the book.


Get it together. Section out blocks of time deliberately to fellowship with the One Who inhabits The Holy of Holies.


Get it together. Name a day, and spend part of it soul winning. Give out tracts; phone a lost friend and invite him to services; knock on some doors for Jesus.


Get it together. Don't get bogged down with TITHING. Go far beyond what the Law required. Give cheerfully and out of love.

Church Loyalty

Get it together. Never let anything interrupt attendance at the local church. GOD HONORS THOSE WHO HONOR HIS CHURCH.

Family Life

The family was created by God. He wants us to win our children to Christ and develop Christlikeness in them. Learn to play with your family as well as pray with them.

Personal Integrity

There are many who get the previous matters in a row, but the little duckling of honesty is out of line. HOW IS YOUR HONESTY? Can you be trusted? NEVER SURRENDER YOUR RELATIONSHIP TO THE TRUTH for any substitute offered either by the world or by peers in fundamentalism.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amen!!! I have to say that all my ducks are stumbling along the way but they are in a row for the most part. This is very good and a challenging question that you asked!!

9:43 PM  
Blogger Jim said...

Sister Julie,

Satan enjoys firing his "darts" to see if he can knock down those ducks from time to time. He doesn't just stop at one, but looks to knock them all down!!! That's why it is important to wear our spiritual (Eph. 6:11-18) armour each and every day.

1:02 PM  

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