Friday, March 26, 2010

Are There Different Pews in Your Church???

In most churches the pews look alike. But they are really very different.

THE CRITICAL PEW- This pew watches the pastor of the church with an eagle eye. The singing is too soft or too loud. The building is always too hot or too cold. The critical pew finds everything but the blessings of God.

THE IRREGULAR PEW- Sometimes this irregular pew is full; sometimes it is empty. The problem is that you never know what to expect from this pew.

THE CORDIAL PEW- This pew is always radiant like the sunshine. This pew greets other pews with genuine cordiality, extends a handshake to every visitor and listens with joy to the sermons.

THE PRAYERFUL PEW- This pew spends a moment or two with bowed head in silent prayer upon entering the church. This pew comes to worship and brings the spirit of worship with it into the church.

THE SLEEPY PEW- This is the pew usually occupied by those who watched the late show. There are many "nods" in this pew but there are seldom "nods" of approval.

THE BORED PEW- This pew is occupied by those who take no mental or spiritual preparations for the service. It seldom offers a prayer for the pastor or singers or that the message will be helpful. This pew is located very near the Critical pew, usually in the back of the church. Not much music comes from the bored pew and when the services ends, it complains that the spiritual meal was blah.

Which of these pews will you occupy when you come to worship in the Lord's house next Sunday?

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:) Good post!

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Thanks JTR for stopping by and leaving a comment....

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