Thursday, May 08, 2008

Are You “A Used-to-be”?

As I go on visitation,
People are telling me
How they used to go to church,
And what they used to be.

They say they were a teacher,
And some were deacons too,
Others played the organ,
And ushers, there were a few.

Some used to drive a church bus,
Some sang in the choir, they’d say,
Some used to go on visitation,
And gave out tracts each day.

I’ve heard what they used to be,
And it made me wonder how
They could be active members,
But are doing nothing now.

And it made me wonder
If they were serving the Lord,
Or just active in the church
And finally just got bored.

Does God have a retirement plan?
Is His work just part time?
We’re chosen to be a soldier,
And should be on the battle line.

If you’re a soldier of Christ,
Put on the battle attire,
Let Him give the orders,
And when you should retire.

This battle is against Satan,
Until Jesus we see,
Are you busy serving the Lord,
Or just a “used to be”?

Written by Harry Todd

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bro Jim,

Thanks for sharing. I have to say that is where most of the people in the church are they are used to be's. I am tired of hearing what people to use to do and want to hear what they are doing now.

Bro Tim

10:40 AM  
Blogger Jim said...

Bro. Tim,

Amen!!! The early church as described in God's Word did not give up.... in fact, with their zeal and truth they turned the world which was then "UPSIDE-DOWN"

I don't see that happening today.... the church is having very little impact in their own community let alone the world!!!

I'm glad there are still some who truly desire to serve and obey the Lord in all they do, no matter what the Devil may bring into their life!!!

6:25 PM  

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