Saturday, April 02, 2005

Praising the Pope???

THE PRESIDENT: Good morning. Before I begin today, I would like to say a word about Pope John Paul II. His Holiness is a faithful servant of God and a champion of human dignity and freedom. He is an inspiration to us all. Laura and I join millions of Americans and so many around the world who are praying for the Holy Father.

President Bush is probably the most powerful and famous professing Christian today. President Bush is obviously deceived if he believes that the pope is "Holy Father." To use this title is to directly disobey a plain command of the Lord Jesus Christ. This kind of weak, professing Christianity is testimony to the fact that we are living in a day of great apostasy. There is a "form of godliness" but a denial of "the power thereof." The power to discern between good and evil certainly comes to mind.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's interesting that you would make mention of the Pope on your blog.
I've never really thought about the Pope until recently with all the media revolving around this simple man's death. Just after he had passed away, a spokesman for the Vatican said of the Pope, "...and we rejoice in the fact that he has returned to Heaven." My ears tuned into the word "returned." I never realized that Catholics believe the Pope to be the vicor or Christ. It was also said that he would, in tradition, be burried in three layers of coffin. The first being wood. I believe the second was zinc, and you can correct me on that if you need to. Then the third was wood again. This apparently slows the decaying process. I'm so thankful that my Christ lives and that He had no, has no and will never have any decaying process to fight in His perfect body. What are your thoughts on this?

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Blogger Jim said...

Miss Kristi,

I believe what you mentioned is correct.. here is something from a news story article I found on the web...

The body of the Pope is placed inside three coffins encased within each other. After the funeral, the first wooden coffin will be placed in a zinc coffin, which will in turn be placed in a massive wooden casket. The zinc coffin and wooden casket are meant to slow down the decomposition process.

I have heard comments about a symbol for Mary on one of the coffins, plus skull and bones, but haven't confirmed..

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